Issue No 2

SUITED is a biannual fashion and art publication with a singular mission in mind: to celebrate those who have found what they are well-suited for. Our objective is to showcase independent thinkers passionate about creating work that is at once inspired, influential and timeless.


The individuals featured in our second issue defy categorization. Their work—in fashion, art, design, music, activism and more—is, for each of them, a true expression of the Self.

Model, artist and writer Myla DalBesio explores this concept of the Self for our cover story, photographed by Paul Jung. Her essay—a memoir of the body, a life's history told in the
flesh—reveals the essential connection between the inner and outer selves. By cataloging the physical she lays bare the emotional life within us all.

Activist, artist and model Gail Bruce's passion for Native American educational causes is a lifelong journey. Photographed by Matthew Priestley.

Artist Sam Moyer's carefully salvaged materials, divorced from their utilitarian intent, allow her work an identity all its own.

Dior Homme's Winter 2015/2016 collection paves the way to the future by juxtaposing the traditional with the uber-contemporary. Photographed by Conan Thai.

Parsons The New School of Design graduates Jon Max Goh and Blair Moore mine their heritage for their award-winning collections. Steven Yatsko photographs their work alongside that of fellow members of the Parsons class of 2015.

Rick Owens brings his singular aesthetic to furniture in an extraordinary devotion to form and substance.
Cult retailer Maryam Nassirzadeh finds inspiration all around her as she steps out with her own brand of retro-modernism, exemplified by her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection as photographed by Joshua Woods.

Troels Carlsen's artworks, grounded in nature yet otherworldly in impact, arise from a collaboration for the ages.

Brooklyn Circus founder Ouigi Theodore talks American culture, gentrification and fashion as social commentary. Portraits by John Midgely.

Designer Marta Jakubowski's Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, photographed by Evan Browning, is a meditation on love, loss and reconciliation.

The Quann sisters—UrbanBushBabes co-founder Cipriana and electronic singer-songwriter TK—double up to take on the fashion world while photographer Diego Villarreal captures their singular appeal.
British designer Matthew Miller retains his punk ethos while navigating the business of fashion. Selections from his Autumn/Winter 2015 collection are photographed by Daisy Walker.

Deva Mahal, VBA and Meredith Graves march to their own beat as they make their mark on the music world. Portraits by Matthew Pandolfe.

Record presser Will Socolov, perfumer Blaise Mautin and milliner Satya Twena dedicate themselves to their crafts, in the process preserving them for a new generation. Portraits by Conan Thai, Diego Villarreal and Justin Bridges.

Photographer Hans Neumann captures Sara Cummings amid the stark beauty of the Icelandic coast.

In new work by photographer Nicholas Alan Cope, headwear takes center stage and the beauty lies as much in what is hidden as in what is revealed. Styled by Jessica Willis.